Life-threatening central air-way obstruction caused by misdiagnosed migration of silicone tracheal stent

Annalisa Carlucci, Gaetana Messina, Roberto Cascone, Massimo Ingenito, Damiano Capaccio, Mario Santini, Alfonso Fiorelli


Insertion of silicone stent is a palliative treatment of airway stenosis in patients unfit for surgery. Follow up is mandatory for a prompt diagnosis and treatment of complications related to stent insertion. Herein, we reported a case of dislocated stent that remained undiagnosed 15 years after the insertion and caused a life-threatening obstruction of central air-way. Patient underwent emergent extraction of the stent through rigid bronchoscope. The lack of the elasticity of silicone stent and the presence of tenacious adhesions made particularly challenging this procedure. After extraction of the stent, the granulomas related to dislocated stent were resected with laser to reassure air-way patency. At last follow-up, the patient was in good clinical condition with normal air-way patency.