Article Abstract

Robotic resection of mediastinal goiter and ectopic thyroid

Authors: Luca Luzzi, Lisa De Leonibus, Roberto Corzani, Marco Ghisalberti, Domenico Iemma, Carlo Enrico Ambrosini, Pier Guido Ciabatti, Piero Paladini


The last 10 years showed a wild diffusion of mini-invasive thoracic procedures for lung and mediastinum diseases. Mediastinal goiters, ectopic thyroids and forgotten goiters represent rare thoracic diseases, treated in the past by sternotomy, thoracotomy or combined cervicosternotomy. The evolution of robotic assisted thoracic surgery seems to offer a valid therapeutic option also in patients with thoracic and cervicothoracic thyroid correlate diseases. However some contraindications and technical aspects must be taken in account to achieve the best surgical results and patients satisfaction.