Video-assisted thoracic surgery assisted by articulated arm (AVATS): a new way towards ergonomics and optimization of surgical resources

Julio Sesma, Sergio Bolufer, Carlos Gálvez, Melodie Álvarez, Francisco Lirio, Juan Manuel Córcoles, Jone Miren Del Campo, Sergio Maroto, María Galiana, José Navarro-Martínez, María Jesús Rivera


In recent years, the video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), and uniportal VATS approach has become the routine approach in numerous centers. Nevertheless, uniportal VATS learning curve is a challenge even for those surgeons with experience in multiportal VATS surgery. Among the surgeons who prefer the use of the multiportal VATS approach it is noteworthy that many of them are more comfortable through several ports because they feel this approach is more ergonomic. We present our routine programme of VATS surgery assisted by articulated arm (AVATS) for major resections, as a technique that allows ergonomic surgery for both, surgeon and first assistant and cooperative surgical field when is needed.