Good-hearted people, Busca cardio-protected city: an evidence-based public access defibrillation project

Jacopo Davide Giamello, Agnese Giaccone, Marco Gallo, Luca Bertolaccini


Due to the scientific shreds of evidence, in sustain of the public access defibrillation (PAD) as an essential strategy to save the lives of those stricken by out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), we accomplished a PAD project in Busca (CN), a small and beautiful city in the north-west of Italy. The program consists of providing several AEDs located in public places and the training of a large number of common citizens in basic life support & defibrillation (BLSD) manoeuvres. Here we present data about the lay population that participated in the courses and we discuss the main issues and possible limitations to the further development of PAD projects. This project aims to be an example to other cities who could be inspired by our experience.