Uniportal video-assisted right S9–10 anatomical segmentectomy: how to do it

Sergio Bolufer, Julio Sesma, Carlos Gálvez, Francisco Lirio, Jone Del Campo, Juan Jose Mafe, Maria Galiana, Jorge Cerezal


Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) lung-sparing anatomical resections preserve healthy pulmonary parenchyma but also lead to good resection margins. Oncological outcomes are similar when compared with lobectomy for the treatment of early stage lung adenocarcinoma. VATS technique to perform classical anatomical segmentectomies is well defined and even in highly experienced teams, these procedures can be performed by uniportal VATS. However, the achievement of unusual central anatomical segmentectomies through Uniportal VATS remains a challenge. We describe a feasible and reproducible technique to perform uniportal VATS right lower lateral and posterior (S9–10) anatomical segmentectomy for the treatment of early stage lung cancer.