Shanghai Chest (ISSN 2521-3768; Shanghai Chest; SHC; is an international journal focusing on the latest researches for chest diseases. Being the official journal of Shanghai Chest Hospital, SHC not only presents the high-quality researches and unique techniques from Shanghai Chest Hospital, but more importantly, serves as an important platform for surgeons and physicians around the world to share the advanced researches, spectacular surgical techniques and precious experience in the field of chest disease, in turn, making bigger progress in the chest disease research field and thus benefit all patients.

Why advertise in SHC?

  • SHC is an interactive tool for exchange of data and cooperation between investigators in general surgery worldwide.
  • As an open access journal with on-line distribution, its content is widely available without charge.
  • Selected bi-lingual content (English and Chinese) and the link to the large physician web-site position the journal for international collaboration will benefit authors interested in wide distribution of their data in Chinese, and readers who are not fluent in English.
  • A strong international, independent editorial board ensures high quality scientific content and high ethical standards.

  • Acceptance of Advertising

    All advertisements are subject to review and approval by the editorial board. Advertorial Guidelines furnished upon request. Advertisement of therapeutic claims must be supported by peer-reviewed evidence. Acceptance guidelines of the submitted advertisements are available upon request.


    May 2017

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