The 6th Oriental Course on Thoracic Surgery

Posted On 2018-11-20 10:44:42


AB001. Minimally invasive surgery for centrally located lung cancers

Tangbing Chen, Jizhuang Luo, Chunyu Ji, Feng Yao, Wentao Fang

AB002. Lymph node dissection under minimal invasive surgery

René Horsleben Petersen

AB003. Stereotactic body radiation therapy vs. pulmonary resection

Michael Lanuti

AB004. Localization of small-size pulmonary nodules

Eric Dominic Roessner, Ioannis Karampinis

AB005. Complications and management following tracheal resection and reconstruction

Douglas J. Mathisen

AB006. Postintubation tracheal stenosis—Massachusetts General Hospital results and outcomes

Douglas J. Mathisen

AB007. Modalities of tracheal resection and reconstruction-the Shanghai Chest Hospital experience

Heng Zhao, Feng Yao, Yang Zhao, Hai Yong Gu

AB008. Prosthetic tracheal replacement using stented aortic matrices

Emmanuel Martinod, Patrice Guiraudet, Dana M. Radu, Ana-Maria Santos Portela, Marine Peretti, Ilaria Onorati, Olivia Freynet, Yurdagül Uzunhan, Kader Chouahnia, Christophe Trésallet, Sadek Beloucif, Hélène Rouard, Anne Fialaire-Legendre, Morad Bensidhoum, Hervé Petite, Makoto Miyara, Valérie Besnard, Carole Planès, Eric Vicaut

AB009. Bioposthetics in airway surgery

Michael Lanuti

AB010. Management of complications after esophagectomy

Andrew C. Chang

AB011. Surgical management of myasthenia gravis

Eric Dominic Roessner, Alexander Marx

AB012. Surgical management of malignant pleural mesothelioma

David Waller

AB013. Management of germ cell tumors: a case with growing teratoma syndrome

Zhitao Gu


The series “The 6th Oriental Course on Thoracic Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Shanghai Chest without any sponsorship or funding.