A New Era in Lung Cancer Care: from Early Diagnosis to Personalized Treatment

Posted On 2019-02-13 11:57:26

In the last decades we have witness a revolution in the lung cancer care that has moved from a mass cancer-center conception to the idea that each patient has unique signature. The multidisciplinary integrative approach nowadays combined different professionalism that can contribute with different approach to create a patient’s overall treatment plan that combines the best options for its disease. The medicine nowadays, thanks to the molecular discovery and digital revolution, has transformed the approach to a medicine, which is predictive, preventive and personalized. The strong impetus determined by all the new technologies and learn about lung cancer biology has generated optimism in lung cancer fight, useful for feeding new discoveries.

This focused issue, guest edited by Dr. Giulia Sedda and Dr. Roberto Gasparri, aims to include the innovations in the field, so as to provide comprehensive and deep thinking about lung cancer care to specialists all around the world, which we hope will also be conducive to patients as well as the growth of young surgeons.