Minimally Invasive Thoracic Oncological Surgery

Posted On 2018-04-11 01:35:30

Minimally invasive thoracic surgery, including both VATS and Robotic surgery, is rapidly evolving and new advances in this field are continuously reported. This Special Issue on Minimally Invasive Thoracic Oncological Surgery (Robotic/VATS), guest edited by Dr. Lorenzo Spaggiari and Dr. Domenico Galetta, aimed to point out some of most important topics, which will presented and discussed: history and development, technical aspects, innovations, oncological results and economic.

An update in minimally invasive thoracic surgery for oncological disease
Lorenzo Spaggiari, Domenico Galetta

History and Development of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Review article
History and development of minimally invasive surgery: VATS surgery
Luca Bertolaccini, Gaetano Rocco

Techniques of Radical Resection in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Review Article
Robotic assisted lobectomy and lymphadenectomy “different approaches”
Monica Casiraghi, Domenico Galetta, Lorenzo Spaggiari

Review Article
Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) major pulmonary resections: different approaches and focus on the full thoracoscopic fissure-based technique
Dominique Gossot, Agathe Seguin-Givele

Review Article
Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) segmentectomy
Alessandro Pardolesi, Luca Bertolaccini, Filippo Tommaso Gallina, Barbara Bonfanti, Sergio Nicola Forti Parri, Kenji Kawamukai, Nicola La Cava, Piergiorgio Solli

Advanced Resections in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Review Article
Advanced resections in minimally invasive surgery: robotic pneumonectomy
Domenico Galetta, Monica Casiraghi, Lorenzo Spaggiari

Review Article
VATS pneumonectomy and sleeve carinal resections—full thoracoscopic and uniportal approach
Kononets Pavel, Sekhniaidze Dmitrii

Brief Report
Robotic esophagectomy
Omar Aljuboori, Robert J. Cerfolio

Review Article
Minimally invasive esophagectomy: the current state of affairs
Tamar B. Nobel, Arianna Barbetta, Daniela Molena

New Innovations in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic innovations (instruments and new robots)
Michela Solinas, Pierluigi Novellis, Marco Alloisio, Giulia Veronesi

New innovations in minimally invasive surgery—video-assisted thoracic surgery innovations from uniportal to “robotic video-assisted thoracic surgery”: technical and future aspects
Ching-Feng Wu, Diego Gonzalez-Rivas

Oncological Results and Comparison between Minimally Invasive Strategies

Review article
Results in robotic surgery for lung cancer
Travis C. Geraci, Robert J. Cerfolio

Review article
Results in video-assisted thoracic surgery for lung cancer
Luca Bertolaccini, Alessandro Pardolesi, Barbara Bonfanti, Sergio Nicola Forti Parri, Kenji Kawamukai, Nicola Lacava, Piergiorgio Solli

Review article
Robotic thymectomy: current perspective in myasthenia gravis and thymoma
Giuseppe Marulli, Giovanni Maria Comacchio, Alessandro Rebusso, Marco Schiavon, Federico Rea

Review article
VATS thymectomy: oncological results and comparison between minimally invasive strategies
Federico Raveglia, Luca Bertolaccini, Piergiorgio Solli, Fabrizio Minervini, Marco Scarci

Economic Assessment in Minimally Invasive Oncological Surgery

Review article
Economic assessment in minimally invasive thoracic oncological surgery—USA experience
Jonathan Cools-Lartigue, Bernard J. Park

Review article 
Economic assessment in minimally invasive oncological surgery: a high European volume center experience
Antonio Di Filippo, Domenico Galetta, Lorenzo Spaggiari


The series “Minimally Invasive Thoracic Oncological Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Shanghai Chest without any sponsorship or funding. Lorenzo Spaggiari and Domenico Galetta served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.