Prof. Jie Zhang: from learning to surpassing, the Department of Pathology competes in a global arena

Posted On 2017-12-05 10:19:53

At first sight, Prof. Jie Zhang, Director of the Department of Pathology of Shanghai Chest Hospital (SCH), impressed us by his rigorous and meticulous attitude. However, during the one-hour interview, he showed us that he was also very agreeable and pleasant. Prof. Zhang’s smile was always bathing us in warmth, and his speech was informative and encouraging. Prof. Zhang shared us with his 30 years’ experiences of practicing medicine and showed us around all the laboratories and advanced instruments and equipment in the Department of Pathology. His vivid descriptions presented us the history of pathology in modern China, helping us deeply understand the rapid development of Pathology Department of SCH and the future of various diseases and their diagnosis and treatments.

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