Joel Dunning, FRCS, PhD

Department of Thoracic Surgery, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK

Joel Dunning is a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon from the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough in the UK. He graduated in Medicine from Oxford University in 1997 and did his PhD at Manchester University in 2002. 

He is Co-Editor in Chief of the world's largest cardiothoracic surgery website. He was the associate editor for cardiothoracic surgery for the EJCTS for 8 years and previously developed a literature review section in the ICVTS called Best Evidence Topics. He has been on the EACTS clinical guidelines committee since 2007 and has authored 5 EACTS guidelines. 

He is also currently Chairman of the STS workforce on resuscitation after arrest following cardiac surgery and founded a course to better prepare for arrests after cardiac surgery ( culminating in an STS guideline published this year on this subject. A key passion of his is to promote the implementation of this guideline in all cardiac surgical centres worldwide to improve the quality of care patients receive after heart surgery. 

In thoracic surgery, he has a particular interest in novel forms of VATS Lobectomy and Robotic thoracic surgery. He has experience with anterior and posterior approach VATS lobectomy, uniportal lobectomy, subxiphoid uniportal lobectomy, and has developed a novel version of lobectomy called microlobectomy ( He is PI of the VIOLET study - a randomised study of VATS versus open lobectomy, PULMICC - an RCT for colorectal metastases, a radiolabelled nodule excision study and is a proctor for Intuitive for robotic surgery. He was also recently guest editor in the annals of cardiothoracic surgery for an issue on minimally invasive mediastinal surgery. His interests include sharing videos on thoracic surgery with colleagues and travelling to meet new cardiothoracic surgeons worldwide to hear about their great new ideas!

Terms of Appointment: Oct 2018 - Sept 2020