Baohui Han

Shanghai Chest Hospital, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

In 1991, Dr. Han received M.D from Zhongshan hospital, Shanghai Medical University, then he gained his PhD from Shanghai Medical University Shanghai, China in 1994. Dr. Han received new technical training in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in MD. Anderson Hospital, Cancer Center in the United States. From July 2000 to September 2001, he was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Cancer institute in the United States as a post doctoral study of tumor immunotherapy for more than 1 years.

Dr. Han specializes in lung cancer biological immune targeted therapy and clinical study of new antitumor drugs. He participated in the international multi-center subject of the IPASS, the EAP, INTEREST, INFORM, S012, MOK-806, CCTC and other dozens of clinical trials, the quantity and quality of its enrolled among the domestic frontier evaluation results in a recent survey of the most influential international multi-center the IPASS clinical research, enrolled patients were number one in China, fourth in the world. He had presided over major academic conferences on lung cancer and has spoken at conferences on lung cancer both at home and abroad. Han is also the recipient of several awards including “ the eighth Chinese respiratory physicians Award ” in 2013 ,“China Medical Science and Technology Award” in 2014, “Shanghai medical science Award” for several times.

Dr. Han has published more than 200 reviewed papers on lung cancer, and he is the editor of ‘tumor biological immune target therapy’ ‘ultrasound bronchoscopy’ ‘anti-tumor angiogenesis therapy ‘etc., edited over 10 monographs.

Dr. Han is a committee member of numerous associations and societies including executive member of CSCO, the chairman of Chinese medical biological immunology society tumor branch, vice president of Shanghai Cancer Society, vice chairman of Shanghai Medical Association of tumor target molecule.