Ramon Andrade De Mello, MD, FACP, PhD

University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Dr. Ramon Andrade de Mello is a board certified medical oncologist. He holds the Certificate in Medical Oncology by passing in the European examination of ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology), Lugano, Switzerland, and in the Portuguese National Board Examination by the ACSS, Ministry of Health/Portuguese Medical Association, Lisbon, Portugal. He completed specialization in medicine and molecular oncology and his PhD in Oncology (lung cancer) at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, Portugal. He also completed the medical oncology training supported by the ACSS, Ministry of Health, Lisbon, Portugal, and a clinical research fellowship in lung cancer clinical trials at the Lung Unit, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom, supported by the ESMO. He teaches at the Department of Medicine of the University of Porto since 2010 and School of Medicine, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal, since 2013. He was the Scientific-Director at the Ceará Cancer Institute, Haroldo Juaçaba Hospital, Fortaleza, Brazil, and he was consultant medical oncologist at the Edinburgh Cancer Center, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK. Professor De Mello performs both basic and clinical research on immunotherapy, biomarkers, GI cancer and lung cancer; further, he has an active office working in medical oncology. He is editor of 3 books (Tamoxifen Concepts and Cancer: New Paradigms and Vimentin Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms, Nova Science, NY, USA, 2013, and International Manual of Oncology Practice, Springer, Switzerland, 2015), author of several scientific articles, chapters and comments on basic and clinical research. He presented more than 50 papers in congresses and conferences in several countries, such as United States, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, China, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain. Furthermore, he serves as editorial board of several reputed scientific journals, such as PLoS ONE, Rare tumors, Oncology Reviews and scientific reviewer of the British Journal of Cancer, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Annals of Internal Medicine and The Lancet. Prof. De Mello is ad hoc consultant for the Department of Sciences and Technology, Ministry of Health, Brasília, Brazil, expert reviewer at Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW), The Hague, Netherlands, and consultant at Pfizer gastric cancer advisory board, USA.

Terms of Appointment: Sept 2017 - Aug 2019