Gunda Leschber, MD

ELK Berlin Chest Hospital, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Leschber has been president of the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) in 2010/2011 and was on ESTS council for many years where she also served as liaison officer to China. She also is a member of the council of the German Society of Thoracic Surgery (DGT) where she served as president 2015-2017. She is on the UICC TNM Expert Panel for Lung Cancer and has been a long standing board member of the Berlin Tumour Centre. Currently she is on the Advisory Board of the German Hospital Society and the German Cancer Society for questions concerning surgical treatment of lung cancer. For her long-standing engagement for the Professional Board of Surgeons in Germany (BDC) she received the Müller-Osten Honorary Medal and became member of the Honorary Council of BDC.

Dr. Leschber has published numerous articles and chapters in (inter)national textbooks. Her group has participated in translational research for lung cancer, sponsored by the Organisation for Science and Research in Germany (DFG) and participates in several (inter)national multicenter trials. She has been an invited speaker at many conferences and visiting professor in Asia, North America and Europe.

Dr. Leschber has a special interest in training young thoracic surgeons and promoting women in thoracic surgery: she is the founding member of FiT (Frauen in Thoraxchirurgie=women in thoracic surgery) of DGT.

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2018 - Jun 2020