Charles B. Simone, II, MD

Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dr. Charles B. Simone, II is the Medical Director of the Maryland Proton Treatment Center and an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  He completed his undergraduate and medical school training at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed an internship in internal medicine, and then he completed residency training in radiation oncology at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health, where he served as chief resident.  Prior to his appointment at University of Maryland, Dr. Simone was an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Chief of Thoracic Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Co-Director of the Penn Mesothelioma and Pleural Program for the University of Pennsylvania Health System.  Dr. Simone treats patients with lung cancer, malignant pleural mesothelioma, and other thoracic malignancies with photon and proton radiation therapy and photodynamic therapy (PDT). He is a National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Defense funded investigator who performs clinical and translational research investigating the use of proton therapy and PDT as definitive therapy and as part of multi-modality therapy for non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Dr. Simone also investigates palliative radiotherapy, analgesic utilization, and other aspects of palliative care in the management of patients with advanced and metastatic lung cancer and other malignancies, and he studies barriers to optimal pain management in cancer patients.

He is the Chair of the Proton Collaborative Group (PCG) Lung Committee and the Chair of the American Society for Photobiology (ASP) Education Committee. He is appointed to the NRG Oncology (formerly Radiation Therapy Oncology Group [RTOG]) Lung Cancer Core Committee; NRG Radiation Oncology Committee; NCI Thoracic Malignancies Steering Committee Mesothelioma Working Group; International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG) Research and Infrastructure Committee; ITMIG Thymic Carcinoma Workgroup; American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Lung Cancer “Blue Ribbon” Panel; ASTRO Palliative Radiotherapy Working Group; Society for Palliative Radiation Oncology (SPRO) Research Committee; Proton Collaborator Group Reirradiation Committee; Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG) Scientific Committee; and multiple PTCOG Clinical Subcommittees.

Terms of Appointment of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology: Aug 2018 - Aug 2020

Terms of Appointment of Shanghai Chest: Jan 2019 - Dec 2020